Continuing Education Courses for Intermediate Microsoft® Excel® Users

Explore intermediate-level Microsoft® Excel® continuing education options including live webinars, seminars, OnDemand and online training

You may already be reasonably familiar with Microsoft® Excel®, but are you really making the best use of your time? Do you often find yourself hunting for tutorials online, or looking for workarounds for issues you don’t intuitively know how to solve?

Lorman Education Services’ intermediate Excel® training can help. We offer a wide range of courses for Excel® users who are already comfortable with the basics of the program, but want to go deeper and learn how to use it more effectively and efficiently.

Why Invest in Further Excel® Training?

Excel® has been the go-to spreadsheet platform for businesses for more than 30 years. It is used in offices around the world, where it plays a key role in bookkeeping, project management and many other tasks. Despite this ubiquity, however, professionals with an expert-level command of Excel® are rare. When you take steps to keep your Excel® training up to date, you can:

No matter what your role or where you are in your career, there’s a good chance you can benefit from further Excel® training. Fortunately, Lorman Education Services makes it easy.

Convenient Training Options for Busy Professionals

Lorman Education Services’ online intermediate Excel® training programs have been designed for busy professionals. Both in content and delivery, our courses meet you where you need to be. We offer training via:

In our online catalogue, you’ll find intermediate-level Excel® training covering topics such as ”Auditing Worksheets in Microsoft® Excel®,” “Tips on Reducing Mistakes in Excel® Spreadsheets,” “Data Management Best Practices in Excel®” and more. Browse it using the links on this page, or contact our customer response team directly for assistance.

Making Intermediate Excel® Training Affordable and Accessible

Sign up for an upcoming program or download archived content today. Course fees start at just $99 each. Alternately, purchase a $699 annual All-Access Pass and get unlimited training for a full year. Many of our courses also qualify for CPA, CLE and other continuing education credits, making our All-Access Pass the best choice for working professionals with ongoing training needs.

Unlimited Training With the All-Access Pass

All of your training, right here at Lorman.

Pay once and get a full year of unlimited training in any format, any time!

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