Immigration Law Training For Lawyers

Online immigration law training for lawyers lets you expand your practice areas or get CLE training.

Immigration law is complex and touches just about every business and industry. Whether you want to work with contractors around the world, need to hire international experts and workers or have executives from across the globe, you may already rely on international expertise to make your business succeed.

If you're an attorney, you may have international clients who are interested in international contracts, immigration laws, virtual work agreements and more. Being able to offer expertise in this area can help you serve your clients customers better.

Lorman Education Services understands that immigration law changes all the time and can be quite complicated. It's why we offer online immigration law training for lawyers, which allows you to understand immigration laws, current regulations and changes. With Lorman Education Services, you get access to online training so you can always brush up on those immigration topics which are relevant to you.

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Expanding Your Reach With Immigration Law Training for Lawyers

If you're an executive, entrepreneur or other business professional, immigration training allows you to make better HR and hiring decisions — especially when it comes to non-domestic workers. If you are an attorney or legal professional, immigration law training allows you to meet CLE requirements while allowing you to serve your clients better.

Whether you are an attorney interested in adding a practice area to your law firm or a paralegal interested in gaining a competitive advantage in your career, online training allows you to learn about this fascinating and critical legal subject area.

Immigration law changes frequently. Whether it is the introduction of a new policy or a new administration making sweeping changes, staying on top of immigration can be challenging.

Lorman Education Services understands the importance of getting accurate and actionable training. It's why we develop our immigration law training alongside some of the top experts in the field and is updated regularly. You not only learn from the best, but you also always get the most current information to reflect the present laws and regulations.

Since we understand you may need to train in different circumstances, we make training available through a variety of formats, including:

Whether you need to study on-the-go and need an audio file to listen to on your commute or whether you want to be able to flip through a short article between meetings, Lorman Education Services gives you access to all the learning formats you need.

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