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In the workplace today, human resources professionals are responsible for managing an increasing number of key priorities. From talent acquisition and retention to ensuring compliance with hiring and health care laws, an HR specialist’s job can easily vary from one day to the next.

It’s for this reason that ongoing professional development is a necessity. Lorman Education Services offers distance learning programs that cover HR benefits training and much more. We can help you understand your organization’s benefits plans better, so you can communicate with employees more effectively and make more proactive decisions about this essential aspect of your job.

Complete HR Benefits Training Online

Creating accessible ways for professionals to pursue meaningful continuing education opportunities has been a key priority at Lorman Education Services since our founding in 1987. We are a recognized pioneer in distance learning and currently offer two convenient options for taking online HR benefits training:

Whichever way you prefer to learn, Lorman Education Services’ HR benefits training programs can work around your schedule.

Our Courses

HR benefits training courses at Lorman Education Services are developed and led by experienced labor lawyers and other professionals – many of whom come to us from top national firms. We are one of the most selective continuing education providers when it comes to choosing faculty, which ensures all our programming is up to date, accurate and, above all, useful for participants at any stage of their career.

Some HR benefits training courses you’ll find in our OnDemand archive include:

From 401(k) plans to compliance with privacy regulations, we offer a diverse selection of courses that bring insight to all aspects of benefits planning and administration.

We Are Your Partner for All Continuing Education Needs

HR benefits training is just one of the ways Lorman Education Services can help human resources specialists gain the skills they need to grow their careers. If you’re credentialed with the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) or a similar organization, our programming can even be put toward your continuing education requirements. For detailed information, visit individual course pages or contact a customer response team representative directly.

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