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Gain a competitive edge with Lorman Education Services’ live seminars and OnDemand hospitality management training courses.

Managers in the hospitality industry frequently have to wear multiple hats. From dealing with customers and staff to taking care of big-picture regulatory, financial and marketing concerns, finding time for additional training can be difficult. At the same time, however, continuing education is one of the best ways to manage risk, capitalize on opportunities and ultimately take your career to new heights.

Lorman Education Services offers accessible and insightful online hospitality management training courses that can be accessed using any computer or mobile device. Whether you’re in management currently or planning on taking the next steps in your career soon, count on our programming for the training you need to succeed.

Our Programming

Our live seminars and OnDemand training options cover a range of topics related to hotel and hospitality industry management. Some of our more popular courses include:

Hospitality industry managers, accountants, lawyers and other recognized experts develop and lead each of our courses. Through our training, you’ll develop skills that will help you cultivate a loyal staff, improve guest relations, avoid legal and financial pitfalls and ultimately maintain a more profitable business.

Our courses are useful for small business owners who run a hotel or related establishment, managers and executives at large chains, established employees who want to make a move up the corporate ladder and anyone else trying to succeed in this demanding industry.

For your convenience, we offer both group and individual training options.

Online Training for Busy Professionals

At Lorman Education Services, we’re always developing innovative new ways for professionals to prioritize training in a busy world. Our online hospitality management training courses include both live programming and OnDemand self-study content. Live training let you connect and interact directly with our faculty, while OnDemand titles can be downloaded or streamed at any time.

We host dozens of live events every month, which are also recorded and archived for future access. Currently, our OnDemand catalog consists of more than 12,000 courses, including previously recorded and unique supplementary content such as audiobooks, technical manuals, slide show presentations and more.

Take the Next Steps Today

Ready to get started? Use the links on this page to browse our inventory of OnDemand and upcoming classes or search for a topic of interest to you. Registering for a course is easy — our programming is open to everyone and is designed to be accessible to individuals with a range of educational and professional backgrounds.

Courses start at $99 each, though we also offer an economical All-Access Pass that provides you with 12 months of unlimited training for just $699. Interested in enterprise licensing for your staff? Let one of our customer response team members put together a package of courses tailored to your requirements. Call or email our office for assistance.

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