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Taking an online health records training course helps you serve patients and healthcare professionals

Although medical records technicians don't usually meet patients, they act as one of the most important professionals dealing with a patient's health. Medical records technicians maintain and handle the records healthcare providers rely on when giving patients medical treatment. To treat and diagnose patients correctly, doctors rely on the information in patient records, test results and files. Medical records technicians ensure this information is present, clear and accurate when doctors reach for it.

Lorman Education Services offers several ways to get started in medical records training. You can purchase individual health records training course modules, or opt for an All-Access Pass for a more cost-effective, inclusive one-year membership. For one budget friendly price, our All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to our entire resource library, allowing you to study medical records subjects and all related areas, as well. Another option is to can contact us for on-site training, whether it’s for yourself or your entire team. We also put together customized training options if you have specific needs. Sign up for online training to get access instantly or contact us if you have custom needs.

Why Might an Online Health Records Training Course be Important for You?

Medical records technicians, also known as health information technicians, need training to deal with the ever-changing world of medical records. While many patients don't even consider the important role that records play in their health, their files are subject to many federal and state regulations and laws behind the scenes. Health information technicians need to be aware of these laws and stay fully compliant with them.

They also need to ensure that:

Medical records training covers a variety of subject areas, including:

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Lorman Education Services offers flexible training designed for professionals by professionals. Our training is created by experts in the medical records field, so you'll get the most current best practices and the type of learning that is founded on actual experience. Since we understand your time is limited, we have created highly flexible options so you can train online, at your own pace and on your own time. Our online training is available 24/7 from any computer or device with Internet access.

In addition, our training materials are highly focused, allowing you to hone in on topics like information technology, medical terminology, the legal aspects of medical records or other subjects you need to learn, instead of sitting in a classroom and studying material that's irrelevant or that you already know. Even the formatting of your training is flexible, allowing you to study from books, visual materials, prerecorded training, on-demand training, live training, white papers, case studies, articles or another platform that suits your learning style.

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans. You can study with an All-Access Pass, which gives you unlimited access to our entire resource library for one budget-friendly price. You can also buy individual training materials, or contact us for on-site and customized training. Sign up for a training session or an All-Access Pass today to start learning now, or contact us to discuss customized solutions.

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