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Now more than ever, effective leaders and mentors are required in the public sector. Maintaining productivity in a climate of austerity demands motivated staff who believe in the work they are doing and trust in their managers.

Too often, leadership is considered a skill that can’t be taught. At Lorman Education Services, however, we believe training is an essential part of being a leader. Your staff turn to you for your expertise and competence — being resilient in an unpredictable situation requires a deep base of knowledge that can only be kept up through ongoing continuing education.

Government Leadership Training at Lorman Education Services

If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your training up to date, look no further than Lorman Education Services. Our faculty comes to us from top national management firms, while our programming applies lessons from both the private and public sectors to some of the most pressing issues in government leadership today.

Our courses cover broad topics such as “Human Capital Analytics: Understanding and Optimizing the People Impact of Your Organization” and “Principled Leadership for Managers and Supervisors: The Benefits of Integrity,” as well as more specific subjects such as “A Practical Approach to Bringing Mobility to Your Agency.” Check out our catalogue of upcoming and archived courses, or sign up for our mailing list to have the latest programming updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Training Programs That Work Around Your Schedule

As a busy government employee, you can’t always afford the luxury of travelling to attend in-person seminars and other training. Fortunately, Lorman Education Services puts world-class online government leadership training at your fingertips. We host dozens of live webinars every month, which can be attended from anywhere, with any computer or mobile device.

While our live webinars are the best way to interact with our faculty, we also offer an OnDemand archive of more than 12,000 self-study courses for those who would rather learn at their own pace. Our OnDemand programming includes both previously recorded webinars as well as exclusive content such as white papers, eBooks, slide show presentations and more. Browse our archive today.

Who Can Benefit

Online government leadership programs from Lorman Education Services are designed to benefit professionals at all stages of their career. Whether you’re an experienced manager looking to keep your training up to date, a mid-career professional ready to make the next big leap in your career or an ambitious new grad who wishes to better position yourself for a long career in government, we offer courses that deliver the insights you need.

Building Better Leaders From the Ground Up

Sign up for a Lorman Education Services All-Access Pass and start taking government leadership courses today. A pass costs just $699 and gives you unlimited access to our entire catalogue for a full year. Alternately, individual programming starts at just $99 a class. For more information about your options, get in touch with a customer response team representative by phone, email or our online chat function.

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