Fraud Investigation Training

Our online fraud investigation training teaches you to notice and prevent fraud before it happens.

In today’s regulatory climate, fraud investigation training is becoming increasingly important for accounting and business professionals. Whether you work in legal, financial or other fields, this type of training can help you hone your skills in fraud detection and prevention.

Lorman Education Services offers online fraud investigation training for busy professionals just like you. In fact, more than 1.4 million business, legal, accounting and other professionals have already relied on us to help them with continuing education credits and professional development. Our flexible and professionally-developed online training works as hard as you do, bringing you the training you need right now.

What Is Fraud Investigation Training?

Learning to investigate fraud allows you to learn analytic techniques to help you pinpoint the causes and the proof you need in fraud cases. You may learn about fraud prevention laws, computer forensics and other subjects you need to master in this field.

Whether you work in finance, insurance or another industry, fraud is a growing concern in all sectors. With technology changing often and fraudsters developing new ways to defraud targets, you need updated fraud training. Even if you have taken investigation training before, updating your skills gives you an edge.

With an All-Access Pass from Lorman Education Services, you can update your skill set as often as you like. For one flat rate, you get access to the latest resources in the library so you can always update your knowledge. Look up specific fraud risks, read up on the latest fraud laws or discover the latest best practices for your industry.

With Lorman Education Services, you also have the option of customer training solutions and in-person training, so you always get the solution right for you or your team.

If you aren’t taking care of fraud prevention and investigation training, you may not be compliant and you may be allowing fraud to happen. Outdated training can be just as bad as no training at all, so sign up with Lorman Education Services today to update your skills. Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services lets you meet current requirements in your state and your industry. Our training is designed to offer you the most efficient business skills and techniques you need to meet current state and federal laws and best practices. If you want to learn competencies such as fraud investigation and want to learn from the best, consider Lorman Education Services.

We provide you with the fraud investigation skills you need and can start applying right away. Whether you want to stay compliant in your field, become more competitive in your career or both, we can help. Our training materials include audio books, OnDemand training, live training, articles and more, so you can always study on your own time.

Sign up for an All-Access pass with Lorman Education Services today to get a full year of access to our training and our resource library for one low price. Or, sign up for individual training or contact us for custom training solutions.

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