Fraud Detection Training

Online fraud detection training can help you learn how to uncover and stop fraudulent activities before they cause damage.

Perpetrators of fraud go to great lengths to hide their activities. In fact, victims of some of these schemes may not be aware they’re being targeted. Malware, for example, can quietly compromise servers and computers for months or years undetected and fraudulent practices at an insurance firm, financial organization or other company can go undetected for years, causing millions in losses.

Strong fraud detection training for yourself or your organization can help you uncover evidence of this type of activity so you can put a stop to it before it can harm your reputation or your bottom line.

Lorman Education Services offers online fraud detection training for professionals in a variety of formats. With our training, you can study at your own pace from any internet-capable device. Training is available live or archived in a variety of formats, including text, audio, visual, interactive and more. Sign up for an All-Access Pass to access all our resources for a full twelve months for one low price or sign up for individual training programs.

What Is Fraud Detection Training?

Fraud prevention and detection training from Lorman Education Services offers a skills-oriented approach to help you learn how to investigate and detect fraud and irregularities in insurance, business, legal, financial and other industries. This training teaches you about:

Today, fraud prevention and detection is more important than ever before. White-collar crime is a serious concern, and with many organizations limited in time and budget, many professionals need to understand at least the rudimentary aspects of fraud. Also, law enforcement is facing reduced budgets, putting the onus of detection on organizations.

For professionals, knowing how to prevent fraud and detect it is an essential skill at a time when compliance issues can affect every department and every team member is expected to do his or her part to keep a company compliant. Knowing about fraud and being active in compliance efforts can make you more competitive in your field. If you own a business, knowing about fraud and related topics can reduce the risk you will be targeted.

Lorman Education Services Training

If you want to learn about fraud from the best minds in the industry, sign up for an All-Access Pass from Lorman Education Services. Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million professionals get the continuing education and professional training they need to excel at their careers. We are always updating our vast resources so you always have access to the latest information, which is crucial when it comes to scams and fraud.

Lorman Education Services offers an All-Access Pass, custom training, in-person training, individual resources and other options so you can choose the solutions that work best for you and your organization. Sign up today and you can start training and applying what you learn immediately.

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