Fraud Awareness Training

Choose online fraud awareness training for a flexible and customizable solution for fraud investigation training.

Fraud can occur in almost any industry and it can take many forms. Credit card fraud, mail fraud, computer or electronic fraud and other forms of fraudulent activity can affect organizations at any time. The cost of this fraud can add up to millions of dollars lost as well as negative press and even enforcement action.

Today, organizations are expected to be very proactive about preventing fraudulent activity. The first step toward addressing these concerns is becoming aware of fraud and its risks, and for that professionals and companies need robust fraud awareness training.

Lorman Education Services has been the trusted training resource for more than 1.4 million professionals who have sought continuing education in fraud assessment and related areas. We understand that professionals like you are busy, which is why we offer flexible training options to help you succeed.

Why Does Fraud Awareness Training Cover?

Good online fraud awareness training can help professionals accumulate information from many sources, including employees, employers, complainants, witnesses and others. Training can also help professionals search transactions and both electronic and paper records for evidence of fraud. Some training covers surveillance, search warrants, the criminal justice system, current laws and other areas of knowledge which are needed to detect and collect evidence of fraudulent activity.

The goal of training is to give professionals the tools they need to detect suspect activity, correctly evaluate suspicious behavior and appropriately react to attempts at fraud. In business, finance and other sectors, this skill is in high demand, especially since ever-changing regulations make anti-fraud efforts a requirement for many compliance practices.

Having this training can help professionals gain a competitive edge and can help organizations stay fully compliant.

Getting Fraud Prevention Training From Lorman Education Services

Fraud awareness is a complex subject, as it touches on technological ability, legal understanding and other arenas. Also, as the technology and laws change, the best practices and expectations change for fraud prevention, too. Lorman Education Services makes it simpler to keep up-to-date with training requirements because we work to update training regularly and we work with the brightest minds in your field to ensure the quality of your training is high.

Lorman Education Services also makes it easy to study at your own pace. Live and OnDemand training can be taken anywhere and at any time with any device equipped with an internet connection. Our criteria for choosing training materials and the minds to create those materials is highly selective, meaning you will learn from some of the best minds in the industry. We offer a range of training materials and for many industries we offer 70 live training materials a month, as well as additional materials, meaning our resource library grows fast.

Whether you want to train yourself or equip your whole team, sign up for an All-Access Pass with Lorman Education Services or inquire about our custom training options. We also offer options for signing up just for one training program, which can be a great way to get an introduction to the power of continuing education resources.

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