FMLA Training for Supervisors

Online training for supervisors lets professionals gain the FMLA knowledge they need

If you are a supervisor, formal training allows you to understand how to apply Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave regulations and rules when qualified employees seek leave that is protected under the 1993 FMLA law. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the field, understanding FMLA leave allows you to better protect your company from fines and penalties, making you a more attractive candidate for a variety of career opportunities.

No matter what point you are at in your career, Lorman Education Services offers FMLA training for supervisors to help you qualify for the positions you need and to get the additional training you require to stay competitive in your field. Lorman Education Services offers flexible training which allows you to study the way you learn best. Our MP3s, interactive training, archived training, case studies, white papers and other formats allow you to get the robust, comprehensive learning opportunities you need. Our resources are immensely actionable, easy-to-understand and are developed by the best minds in the industry, so you learn from the best.

Why Online FMLA Training for Supervisors?

FMLA leave requests are very common, and learning how to process them is an essential skill for any supervisor. FMLA leave training is also essential because laws in this arena change often. Courts, for example, frequently update the rules as to which conditions qualify as serious and which are not eligible for FMLA leave. Proper training can help keep you up to date about which conditions allow your employees to take leave and which do not.

With proper FMLA leave training, you'll be able to spot ailments and requests for leave that may qualify for FMLA protection so you can bring it to the attention of the right HR professionals or other professionals at your organization.

Working With Lorman Education Services

Under current regulations, employers can deny FMLA leave reinstatement if doing so would cause significant economic injury to the company. While you cannot deny FMLA leave to any qualified employee, you can deny reinstatement, but only in very specific situations involving key employees. Key employees must be earning in the top 10% of your organization and must meet other qualifications, too. Obviously, learning which employees can and cannot be denied reinstatement is crucial.

Lorman Education Services allows you to answer these and other FMLA concerns, ensuring you stay fully compliant with all FMLA regulations. Our training is designed for the way supervisors, managers and HR professionals work. Designed to be concise, accurate, actionable and flexible, our training works as hard as you do. You can use our training any time and any place you like. Whether you need a few extra tips about FMLA compliance or need a good grounding in the laws, Lorman Education Services offers resources that can easily be accessed on your schedule so you can train whenever you have time. Our yearly membership lets you get a full year of access to our resource training library for one budget-friendly price, or you can buy individual training materials to train only as much as you need to. Sign up today to start training now!

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