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Financial compliance training is essential for banks, financial professionals, investment firms, financial institutions and indeed all organizations and professionals in the financial industry. Especially after 2009, compliance has become one of the most important topics in this sector, and both regulation and enforcement at the federal and state levels have become increasingly strict. Not only are regulatory agencies more likely to investigate and enforce regulations, but the regulations themselves are changing often.

Securing financial compliance training from Lorman Education Services gives your financial institution or your career an edge. Lorman Education Services has already offered training to more than 1.4 million professionals and is the trusted provider of training resources for some of the biggest companies in the country. With more than 7,700 courses and new materials released all the time, we are the resource you may be looking for if you’d like training for yourself or your team.

What Is Training for Financial Compliance?

Designed specifically for the financial sector, compliance training helps all personnel in the financial industry — including management staff, investors, bankers, tellers, boards of directors and others — stay compliant with current rules. Training can include topics such as risk management, ethics, fraud, security, elder financial abuse, anti-money laundering regulations, cybersecurity and more.

In today’s financial environment, professionals are required to stay compliant with multiple rules and regulations. They may need to stay alert for IRS violations in overseas investment accounts, potential money laundering activities and more. In addition, the laws surrounding these areas change frequently. Compliance training addresses both the wide range of topics financial industry professionals need to know and offers the latest information about regulatory updates so professionals can stay compliant.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of financial compliance both for individual professionals and financial organizations of all types. Violations can result in severe reputation damage, difficulty in remaining competitive and millions or billions of dollars in fines. Compliance can help financial professionals avoid lengthy investigations and even criminal proceedings. Training can be an important part of compliance policies and can help professionals and organizations remain competitive, to name just a few advantages.

Lorman Education Services and Your Financial Compliance Training

If you are in the financial sector and need compliance training, turn to the experts in professional training: Lorman Education Services. Lorman Education Services is proud to work with some of the most trusted names in financial compliance and education to continuously develop new course materials. When you work with Lorman Education Services, you are always getting the latest information and data about compliance and best practices.

As a busy professional, you may not have the time to travel for training, which is why Lorman Education Services offers:

No matter how you want to study, you can find materials you can access easily on your computer, phone or mobile device. You can study on your own time, and with the All-Access Pass, you can access all materials with no limits for a year, so you can study as little or as much as you like across a wide variety of topics. If you need interactive or team training, Lorman Education Services offers in-house training at your organization. Sign up for training today to reap all the advantages of working with one of the leaders trusted by some of the most recognizable brands in your industry.

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