Federal Financial Management Training

Online federal financial management training helps you understand the reporting, accounting and budgeting demands for federal accounting practices

Government accounting training includes a good understanding of the ways government accounting differs from accounting in the nonprofit and private sectors. In addition, this type of training will teach you about accounting, financial reporting, reporting standards, fiscal accountability, cost accounting, exchange transactions, budgeting, financial reporting entities and other subjects. Federal financial management training is also an important component of government accounting training, as it teaches professionals how to properly manage the fiscal needs of government entities.

Lorman Education Services understands that government accounting and government financial management are competitive fields. You need an edge, whether you are already well in your career or just starting out. Robust training ensures you have the up to date and current training you need to master your career. Whether you need to brush up on the software used by government accountants and financial professional — or you need more theoretical information or need to understand budgeting or auditing — Lorman Education Services can provide you with the training you need.

Government Financial Management

Government accounting is an essential component of many private-sector entities as well as government agencies. It helps with reporting, adherence to standards, compliance, controls and more. Government financial managers, private government contractors, academics, government agents and others use this type of training to understand financial management functions, budgeting and other subject matter they need to handle internal control, auditing, financial analysis and more.

Financial management specifically is used by government entities to make the most of tax dollars and to manage complex budgets. At the state, federal and local levels, government agencies and entities handle complex budgets and accounting needs. Strong training is needed by the professionals in these fields to offer the best professional support possible.

Why Online Federal Financial Management Training?

Lorman Education Services offers online training for professionals because this is quite simply the most effective and comprehensive form of training available for busy professionals. Professionals can train on their own time and in the locations where they are, without the need for travel. As government regulations and accounting standards change, we can update our training materials very quickly, keeping your training current. No matter where you are located, you can use our training materials as long as you have a laptop, computer, tablet or cellphone.

Lorman Education Services even offers you several membership options to help you train more effectively for your professional career. You can purchase courses on a per-course basis, paying for only the training you need. One of the most budget-friendly options is the All-Access Pass, which allows you to access a full year of training materials for one fixed cost. We also offer in-person training if you need training for your entire team.

If you don't see a solution that works for you, our comprehensive personalized and custom solutions will be able to help you develop the exact solution for your needs. Sign up for all All-Access Pass today or contact Lorman Education Services to learn about in-person and custom solutions.

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