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Human resource professionals along with business owners are required to the follow the FLSA(Fair Labor Standards Act) labor law. The FLSA is a law that establishes the minimum wage, what should be paid for overtime pay and labor standards surrounding children. Human resource professionals should keep up to date on the FLSA law and the proposed rule changes that may come with it.

Who Can Benefit?

Lorman Education Service FLSA training is designed for HR professionals, business owners and many other industries dealing with employees. FLSA courses at Lorman are designed to be presented online and can be taken either in live webinar format or in our ondemand format. Ondemand webinars can be taken at the customers convenience, stopped and started and viewed on mobile or desktop devices.

Why is FLSA Training Important?

The Fair Labor Standards Act isnt just a set of guidelines that businesses need to follow. Businesses can be fined for violations of the FLSA. Violations up to $10,000 can be imposed while repeated violations can land you in jail.

Courses that Cover the FLSA:

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Many of our courses including courses covering the FLSA laws are often approved with continuing education credits. Lorman is an approved provider of HRCI, SHRM, CLE and many other CE credits. Check each courses details to view what credits are approved.

Visit Lorman.com for more information regarding the FLSA laws and rule changes. With thousands of courses produced every year our course catalog is updated frequently giving you the most up to date information.

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