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Employees may be able to rely on leaders to make decisions and choices for them. This is not the case with leaders. Managers, executives and other leaders need to be able to make choices, even when decisions are unpopular or difficult. In today's business environment, they also need to be able to inspire, create teams, manage teams and more. Today's leadership is expected to do more than ever before and to have better interpersonal and personal skills to build companies were people want to work.

Lorman Education Services is a leader when it comes to professional training. More than 1.4 million professionals have already turned to us when they have needed to learn. All our training resources are created and led by leaders and masters of their fields, so you're always learning from the best minds in your industry. We also realize how difficult it is for leaders to find the time to train properly. It’s not unheard of for executives and other professionals to face 60 or even 80 hour work weeks. We make online training available, so you can master various areas of leadership when you do have the time.

What is Executive Leadership Training?

Leadership today is vital for an organization's success. With change occurring so rapidly across industries, executives are ones who can make or break a company. A strong leader today can build an organization which customers feel proud to patronize. With news media and social media, executives are forced to create the strongest and most positive view of themselves and their organization. Training can help executives prepare for this increasingly transparent and demanding role.

Executive training covers many areas, including:

The skills learned in executive development training are practical and offer leaders the actionable resources they can start implementing right away. This training also tends to be highly flexible, giving executives the ability to mold their training to the unique needs of their company. The training is transferable. Once a leader masters communication or listening skills, for example, they can take this understanding with them to every position they hold.

Executive skills-building is often company changing. Simple changes in mastery can mean impactful decisions. For example, an executive who masters deep listening may be better able to find out what stakeholders expect, and this can allow him or her to make decisions which appeal to clients, employees and other industry stakeholders, potentially having a significant and immense impact on company success.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services offers training in a variety of formats, including:

If you're interested in gaining the skills you need to make a real difference at your organization, contact Lorman Education Services to learn about our on-site or personalized training or sign up for an All Access Pass to get one full year of training with the entirety of our resource library for one budget-friendly price. You can also purchase individual leadership training modules.

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