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Delivering Excel® training onsite helps eliminate skill-gaps and instantly creates a more productive staff.

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Generate better reporting, more meaningful data and enhanced visual presentation by training your staff today.

Microsoft® Excel® is one of the best and most versatile reporting tools available to an organization. Learn how to manage, analyze and summarize the data so that the best decisions can be made for your organization. Our experiences faculty will provide tips and tricks that will promote more productivity and efficiency in Excel®.

No matter what business you are in, a report is a critical tool in your communication armory. Delivering Excel® courses onsite allows you to apply these techniques to your own spreadsheets immediately after learning this information.

Potential topics – all topics can be customized to fit your team’s experience level:

- The Fundamentals of Excel®

- Excel® Formulas and Functions

- Excel® Macros

- Excel® Pivot Tables

- Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Excel®

- Creating Impactful Reports

- Excel® Data Management

- And Much More

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing education credits may be available upon request. Contact us at 866-352-9540 for more information.


Tuition will be based on number of attendees you plan to have participate in this training course. Our In-House training is very affordable and our staff will help you maximize your training dollars.

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