Estate Planning Training for Attorneys

We host live training programs and OnDemand estate planning training for attorneys and other legal professionals.

Attorneys that specialize in estate planning have a unique responsibility to their clients. The nature of this role requires them to be able to deal with sensitive matters in a pragmatic, forward-thinking way. In addition to an understanding of specific legal and financial implications, attorneys must also possess tact and compassion.

The best way to inspire the confidence of your clients is by demonstrating expertise. If you can speak knowledgeably about potential issues affecting their estate, your clients will be more comfortable and better positioned to make informed choices. Beyond that, you must also be an effective advocate for their needs as things change, which requires a strong background in the many aspects of estate and tax law.

Training at Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services hosts an extensive catalog of online estate planning training for attorneys. Through our programming, you can:

  • Stay on top of changing laws and estate tax code updates to minimize risk and maximize opportunities for your clients
  • Grow your practice by establishing yourself as an expert who goes the extra mile to protect a client’s interests
  • Meet your ongoing continuing legal education (CLE) requirements without having to take extensive time away from your other responsibilities
  • Explore new technologies and other trends that affect the way you work

Meeting these goals is easy with Lorman Education Services. Our online training includes both live programs and OnDemand content. We host dozens of live events every month and archive each one for later viewing. In addition to previously recorded seminars, our OnDemand catalog includes audiobooks, white papers, slideshow presentations and other useful content.

Insightful Online Training for Busy Professionals

Online training is the best way for estate planners to stay on top of the latest developments in their field. However, not all online training programs are created equally. To benefit from the investment in time and money training requires, courses must be both convenient and insightful.

Subject matter experts in the legal and accounting fields are responsible for developing every one of our courses. Many address estate planning issues from a national perspective, while others look specifically at state laws. You can browse our catalog using the links on this page. For information about CLE credit eligibility, visit individual course pages.

Explore Our Programming Today

Some of the many online estate planning courses for attorneys we offer include “Creative Estate Planning for Clients Under $10 Million (Not Subject to Federal Estate Tax),” “Estate Planning: Anticipating and Preparing for Estate Litigation” and “New Era of Estate Planning in Ohio.” Use the search function on this page to browse our catalog and locate courses relevant to your practice. You can also sign up for our mailing list and have updates delivered to your inbox.

Ready to get started? Course fees start at $99, though we routinely host free sponsored programs that let you experience our programming without cost. For the best value overall, choose a 12-month All-Access Pass and get unlimited training for just $699. For more information, contact a customer response team member directly.

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