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We host live training programs, OnDemand and other online estate planning training that works around your busy schedule.

As an estate planner, you need to be an advocate for your clients' wishes and interests, not just today, but well into the future. Doing so requires a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of legal, financial and emotional issues. Keeping your training current is one of the best ways to avoid mistakes with long-term repercussions and ensure a client's heirs are well-positioned when the time comes.

Lorman Education Services hosts an extensive selection of online estate planning training courses. Our programming includes live and OnDemand options, with an emphasis on teaching useful skills you can take back to your practice with you. Many of our courses also qualify for continuing legal education credits, helping you meet any ongoing training requirements established by your state bar association or accountancy board. Visit individual pages for details.

Benefits of Estate Planning Training

Estate planning training can be useful for both professionals in the field and anyone concerned about the long-term state of their finances. For lawyers and accountants, our programming will keep you up to date on current changes to estate law, both in your state and nationwide. We also offer courses that cover best practices and risk management around complex issues such as Medicaid eligibility, post-mortem litigation and more.

However, you don't need to be a working professional to benefit from our estate planning training. Programming is designed to be accessible to anyone who wants to make more informed decisions about their life. Our courses will give you tools to protect the interests of your family, minimize your tax burden and have your wishes respected in the future.

Our Programming

Lorman Education Services has been providing distance education since 1987. Our courses are developed and led by practicing estate planners and other subject matter experts — many of whom have worked with high-profile clients and served at top national firms. All programming reflects the most recent laws and changes to the tax code.

In addition to being highly insightful, our training is easy to work around your schedule. Live programs connect you directly with our instructors and others in your field. Join in from anywhere using your computer or mobile device — no special hardware is required.

Alternately, browse our OnDemand archive to explore a catalog of more than 12,000 courses available for download or streaming at any time. OnDemand options include previously recorded programs, as well as supplementary materials such as slideshows, audiobooks, white papers and more.

Start Training Today

Use the tools on this page to start exploring our full catalog of live and OnDemand estate planning training. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list for the latest programming updates and live events. Courses start at $99 each. We also sell a 12-month All-Access Pass that offers unlimited training opportunities for $699. Want to learn more? Contact our office directly for details.

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