Engineering Training Programs

Online engineering training programs developed by some of the brightest minds in the engineering field

Engineering training programs help engineers meet ongoing education requirements, which are mandatory in about 40 states. Many engineers also choose to engage in ongoing training to hone their skills so they can stay competitive, advance in their careers or become eligible for new opportunities.

Just as there are many reasons why engineers may wish to engage in professional training, Lorman Education Services online engineering training programs are designed to help engineers in a number of ways. Our highly flexible training can give you a comprehensive overview of changes in your field, help you train for hours or let you brush up on specific subject areas. With Lorman Education Services, you can choose the training you want and stay in control of what and how you learn.

Tailored Professional Training

A great way to access Lorman Education Services’ resources is through the All-Access Pass, which gives you unlimited access to materials for one full year at a flat cost. You can even purchase multiple passes for your entire organization, allowing you to train all the engineers on your team while saving money over the cost of individual passes.

Lorman Education Services also lets you purchase individual training materials or even secure on-site or custom training solutions designed to meet your budget and unique needs. You can buy an All-Access Pass or individual training online to get instant access. If you’d like to discuss customized training, you can contact Lorman Education Services at 877-296-2169.

Lorman Education Services and Engineering Training

Lorman Education Services has more than 30 years of experience, and more than 1.4 million professionals have worked with us to develop their skills. We take our role as a leader in professional training seriously. Lorman Education Services is always developing new course materials, and we work with the best minds in engineering when we develop new professional engineering training solutions. This ensures you work with the best and always have access to the latest best practices in your field.

Lorman Education Services understands training doesn’t always happen during business hours. Our solutions let you study at your own pace and at your own time, whether that means evenings, weekends, during your workday or at any other time. Our materials can be accessed through any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, so you can always hone your skills. Our live training is always archived, so you can learn from it even if you cannot attend an online training event.

Lorman Education Services’ engineering training covers business subjects relevant to the field, legislative changes, ethics subjects, best practices, industry regulations and more. A variety of formats are available to help you study the way you learn best, whether that’s though audio materials, written text or interactive live training.

Whether you work for an engineering firm, are just getting started in the field or are building your own engineering service, you need ongoing training. At the same time, Lorman Education Services understands you need to keep costs under control and your training needs to fit into your busy professional schedule. Our membership and training services let you create your custom training approach, and we also offer customized training solutions for you or your entire team. Start training today or contact Lorman Education Services to learn more about customized solutions.

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