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Employee handbook's are the most utilize resource for employees to find guidance from the first day of employment to the last. Employers craft employee handbooks to help new and veteran employees through the everyday questions that come up in the course of business. While the handbook makes for a great resource, it also can serve as a legal guidance when questions come up with issues of employment.

Keep your employee handbook compliant

Our courses and resources will help keep your employee handbook compliant and up to date with the latest legal guidance and trends. Our courses, live or ondemand provide you the needed information from some the most experience faculty in the world of employment law. Get the most relevant and qualified information that will keep your handbook from legal traps and potholes that come up often with the changing employment landscape.

Courses to Help With Your Employee Handbook

Whether you are looking to write the first employee handbook or update the dusty one on the shelf, our upcoming live or current ondemand courses will help give you the guidance you need. Our courses are typically 90 minutes in length and offer a Q&A capability to ask the faculty questions. Not only get the information you need but get specific guidance you are looking for specific to your situation.

You may also have a need for other courses that are issues found throughout the employee handbook. Our large library of courses is a great resource of knowledge for human resource professionals, business owners and managers. Find a course you need or let us help you find one. Contact us to help you find the title you are looking for.

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You can take a course one by one or you can get our All-Access Pass for unlimited access. Our annual All-Access pass is a great resource for HR professionals, business owners and managers that need to stay up the daily compliance issues that businesses go through. Keep your business or profession compliant by having a large resource of legal based knowledge at your fingertips.

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