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Find continuing education live webinars, seminars, OnDemand and online training on issues related to employee benefits plan administration

Administering employee benefits packages can be a challenge for even experienced HR professionals. As a leading provider of distance learning programs, Lorman Education Services offers online employee benefits training that helps you manage the complicated legal, practical and technical issues around employee benefits administration.

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Why Is Employee Benefits Training Important?

Keeping your employee benefits training current has a number of advantages. Most importantly, a generous, well-administered benefits package is an important part of talent acquisition. In a hot industry where skilled team members are in high demand, being able to anticipate the major trends in employee benefits can improve your retention rates. Also, the more up-to-date you are on current laws and policies, the smoother the onboarding process will be with new hires.

For HR professionals, benefits training has a number of additional advantages. Well-trained HR and benefits administration specialists are themselves in high demand. By investing in continuing education, you can position yourself to advance your career and pursue exciting new opportunities. Our programming not only gives you skills you need to succeed, it can also help you meet continuing education requirements for credentials such as the Human Resources Certification Institute’s PHR and aPHR certifications.

Online Employee Benefits Training at Lorman Education Services

Whatever your reasons for pursuing further HR training, Lorman Education Services makes it easy to get a world-class education without taking time away from your other professional responsibilities. Our online training programs and OnDemand self-study training programs are developed by leading experts, including payroll accountants and labor lawyers with top national firms, as well as working HR professionals.

We host hundreds of live programs every month, and all courses reflect the latest changes to employment law as well as broader trends in benefits and HR in general. Our online programs can be accessed from anywhere, without any special hardware other than a computer or mobile device with a working internet connection. If you prefer to study at your own pace, we have an extensive selection of previously recorded programs, slideshows, audiobooks and other programming available for download or streaming at any time. Browse our catalogue to explore courses such as “Top 5 Employee Benefit Trends for 2016” and “Pharmacy Benefit Plans: Strategies to Control Costs” today.

The HR Professional’s First Choice in Continuing Education

To date, Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million professionals meet their training goals. We are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of programming that is both accessible and packed with genuine insights that help you do your job better. We also offer an exclusive All-Access Pass that lets you take an unlimited number of courses for a full year, for just $699.

Purchase your All-Access Pass and start taking online employee benefits training courses today. Alternately, browse our catalogue to learn more about our programming, faculty and pricing plans.

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