Electronic Medical Records Course

Realize new career opportunities with an online electronic medical records course

If you're a medical records professional, you may need to take an electronic medical records course or ongoing medical records training to expand your career opportunities and meet continuing educational requirements for some certification programs.

However, medical professionals aren't the only ones who can benefit from medical record training. Data analysts, chief nursing information officers, clinical data analysts, nursing information specialists, analytics specialists, clinical network directors, health information managers and other healthcare professionals can all profit from learning how to keep patient records correctly maintained and confidential. The reality is, anyone handling medical records should get medical records training to ensure they stay fully compliant when dealing with these highly sensitive depositories of information.

Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million professionals across the country get access to quality online training materials. In fact, some of the most trusted brands and companies in the nation rely on us when they need training for their professionals. In addition, some of the most forward-thinking professionals in this country turn to us when they need training to gain an edge in their careers.

We work with top experts in every field when developing training. We also make our training highly flexible - not only can you train online at any time, but you can hone in on those individual subjects you need to study now. Instead of sitting for hours in a classroom reviewing what you already know, you can use our training to focus on what you need to know so you can apply it immediately.

If you need to know about current medical records regulations in your state, you can take training surrounding that topic. If you need more comprehensive medical records training, we offer multiple courses you can combine to create a customized curriculum for your specific situation.

Do I Need Medical Record Training?

Medical records training includes a thorough grounding in:

Are You Ready to Take an Online Electronic Medical Records Course Now?

Lorman Education Services allows you to study online so you can learn how to use paper medical records keeping systems, software and other technology to manage medical records. Whether you're preparing for an exam, such as the National Healthcareer Association Electronic Health Record Specialist Certification, or want to explore new career opportunities, our training is designed to help you understand the subject areas most likely to advance your professional life.

Lorman Education Services understands professionals are busy and need highly flexible, practical training they can put to work right away. That's why we develop training only with top professionals in their field, so you learn about medical coding and record keeping from the best. You'll learn from faculty who have been professionals in medical records for years. In addition, you get to study subjects that interest you and in the format that works best for you, whether it's audio materials, visual materials, text or another platform. Contact us today to learn about custom training, sign up for training or invest in an All-Access pass to start training immediately.

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