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Meet your education training needs with live webinars, onDemand webinars and bookstore products to help you stay current and compliant.

Education is a fast-moving field — staying on top of the latest technologies, legislation and other developments that affect how you do your job can often seem like a major obligation. Ultimately, however, making your ongoing training a priority benefits you, your students and your profession. Better-trained teachers and educators can work more effectively, reach more learners and position themselves to take the next steps in their careers.

By far, the biggest difficulty with continuing education for education professions is the time commitment. Most teachers are strapped for time as it is — travelling for lectures or in-person classes simply isn’t an option. At Lorman Education Services, we make professional development easy. With one of the biggest catalogues of online and onDemand training, educators can stay up to date with the latest developments in their field without a major time commitment.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Several training options make Lorman’s continuing education programs convenient for busy educators. Choose from live webinars that allow you to connect with others in your field, or a wide range of onDemand course options. Download audio and video content, slideshows, white papers, technical manuals and other self-study options with the click of a button, and start learning on any computer or mobile device. Courses cover topics such as “Plagiarism Prevention in the Digital Age: Not Copying and Pasting but Writing Instead,” “Common Core Standards: Designing Lesson Plans,” “Making Friends: Social Coaching for Children and Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders,” and more.

Many courses offer a state-specific focus with content based on an up-to-date interpretation of current laws in your area. Lawyers can put our education law continuing education classes towards their annual CLE requirements — visit individual course pages for more information.

Grow Your Career with Lorman

All our courses are designed and led by experienced professionals who understand legal, pedagogical and psychological theory, as well as the day-to-day experience of working teachers. Through our training, you’ll gain a nuanced perspective on some of the most pressing issues in your field.

Convenient learning options and incisive course content make Lorman the ideal choice for continuing education for teachers and educators. Our training has opened the door to new opportunities for more than 1.4 million professionals in a range of disciplines. Browse our complete catalogue by following the links below. Pay by the course, or, better yet, purchase an All-Access Pass that gives you a full year of unlimited training opportunities, plus a number of additional benefits. At just $699, there’s no better value in continuing education for educators.

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