Lorman Distinguished Faculty

Lorman faculty who hit the highest standards qualify for our Lorman Distinguished Faculty honor.

Every year we like to take the time to recognize all of our faculty members for their participation in our programs for this past year. Faculty members who qualify for our distinguished faculty criteria are given a website badge to display their achievement. Lorman distinguished faculty recognition is reserved for speakers that have not only presented at multiple events during the year, but have demonstrated excellence in their presentations, evaluation ratings and customer feedback.

To display your Lorman Distinguished Faculty badge, choose from the following sizes and copy the selected code snippet. Place this banner on your website, blog and social pages.

To add this badge to your website:

1. Simply find the size you want below.

2. Copy the HTML in the gray box below your selected image size

3. Place the HTML on your site.

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Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

<a href="http://www.lorman.com/?p=17942"><img src="http://www.lorman.com/images/faculty/2017-Platinum-Badge-100x100.png" alt="Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member" width="100" height="114"></a>


Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

<a href="http://www.lorman.com/?p=17942"><img src="http://www.lorman.com/images/faculty/2017-Platinum-Badge-200x200.png" alt="Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member" width="150" height="172"></a>


Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

<a href="http://www.lorman.com/?p=17942"><img src="http://www.lorman.com/images/faculty/2017-Platinum-Badge-300x300.png" alt="Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member" width="200" height="230"></a>

Terms and Conditions of the Lorman Distinguished Faculty Badge

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