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Grow your brand online with Lorman Education Services' digital marketing training seminars and self-study courses.

Businesses without an effective digital marketing strategy risk getting lost amidst a sea of competitors. As more consumers do the bulk of their shopping and researching online, your internet presence becomes an important extension of your business.

Digital marketing encompasses everything your business does online to promote itself - from your main website to email and social media campaigns. Training is essential to using these tools effectively, which is where Lorman Education Services comes in. We host a range of digital marketing courses for professionals, consultants and business owners who want to understand how to shape their presence online.

How Our Courses Help

Digital marketing is a broad field and one that is constantly changing. Our digital marketing courses cover a range of topics:

Our programming is useful to individuals at any stage of their career. Whether you are new to the field and looking for practical training to build on your educational background or are more established and want to stay on top of the latest developments, you'll find plenty of valuable content at Lorman Education Services. Our digital marketing courses are also useful for small business owners, managers and executives who want to better understand this increasingly essential component of big-picture strategic planning.

Explore Our Extensive Catalog

All our digital marketing courses are developed and led by subject matter experts who've worked with some of the biggest brands and in some of the largest consulting firms.

Some courses are designed to be general and far-reaching in their scope, covering topics like "Improving the Blurred Lines between Digital and Human Touches." Others, such as "Marketing in the World of Big Data: Applying Big Data to Your Marketing Strategy" are more detailed and issue-specific. Courses such as "Digital Advertising for Banks and Financial Institutions" approach marketing from an industry-specific standpoint.

We are constantly expanding our catalog. Today, it includes more than 12,000 OnDemand courses that are available for download or streaming at any time. We also host dozens of live seminars every month - register early to secure your spot in an upcoming event.

Pricing Plans and Registration Options

Getting started with Lorman Education Services takes just minutes. Our classes have no textbooks and no prerequisites. OnDemand options include previously recorded training sessions, audiobooks, slideshows and more. Sign up now, and in minutes you can begin studying at a pace that works for you.

Classes start at $99, though for the best value we recommend purchasing a 12-month All-Access Pass for $699. In addition to unlimited training opportunities, pass holders also receive a number of exclusive perks.

Interested in enterprise training for your digital marketing team? We can help with that, too. Contact our customer response team and have us put together a custom package based on your needs.

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