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Gain professional insight for your projects with online design-build training

Design-build is a project delivery method that integrates both design and construction into a project delivery. Unlike the design-bid-build delivery method, all professionals cooperate as part of an integrated team in a design build delivery.

Design-build training allows you to understand how to incorporate these project delivery solutions into your business practice. It helps you build your design build portfolio with the knowledge you need to take on new projects. Lorman Education Services has what you need to get the robust and multidisciplinary training required to work with a full design build team, including contractors, architects, engineers, owners, building developers and other professionals.

What Does Online Design-Build Training Involve?

Design build training requires each individual professional to think outside the box and communicate effectively with other professionals on their team for an integrated delivery. This means each professional needs a basic understanding of city jurisdictions, state requirements, project delivery, time management, technical information, utility requirements, best work practices and more. This multidisciplinary approach in design build training ensures each professional can communicate effectively with their colleagues and fellow team members while making valuable contributions at each stage of the delivery process.

Working With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services knows design build service offerings are attractive for clients who are looking for a streamlined and cost-effective solution for their projects. For professionals wanting to offer this type of delivery methods to clients, strong training can help them be more sustainable and efficient.

Our training is designed to give you the practical tools and case studies you need to make your project successful. Through MP3s, audio books, case studies, interactive training, on-demand training, articles, white papers, case studies and other materials, we let you study a range of topics in a variety of formats so you can learn in a way that makes sense for you. We keep you in the driver’s seat, ensuring you get the training you need to expand your service offerings, attract new career opportunities or participate in other professional development activities.

Lorman Education Services offers many benefits for those who train with us:

Sign up for one year of membership access to our entire resource library, or purchase individual training solutions to start learning today. At Lorman Education Services, we even offer on-site training and custom training if you want to have your entire design build team work and learn together.

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