Design Build Training Courses

Online design build training courses can help you serve your clients and team more effectively

Design build project delivery offers several advantages for both building professionals and clients. For clients, design build services allow them to get design and construction through a one-stop solution, without having to contract separate professionals for each stage of the process. For both the team and the owner, design build project delivery can help reduce the possibility of design errors, disputes and other disagreements that can occur when teams worked disparately.

The lack of conflict can mean better cost savings, as well as timely completion of projects. A more practical approach to design is possible with design build projects, since the construction team and the design team work seamlessly together. This benefits the contractors, building professionals and the owner, who all get to enjoy a completed project with less hassle.

While design build projects have many advantages, they also require a high degree of trust and training from all professionals. Design professionals and contract professionals may have different backgrounds and training and need to be able to understand each other's fields of expertise in a basic way to work most effectively together.

Lorman Education Services offers several training solutions to help you work seamlessly as part of design build project. Our training is developed by some of the best in design build and other experts in their fields, including professionals who have worked in the design build industry for years. With us, you get practical and actionable training you can put to work on your next project right away.

What to Look for in Design Build Training Courses

The best design build training pushes you to think outside the box and allows you to communicate across professional disciplines. Contractors who take this training should be able to work seamlessly with architectures and design professionals to communicate both the design needs and the building needs of the project. Designers and architects who update their training often learn how to think from the perspective of a builder and clients, ensuring their designs are practical and actionable and can be completed realistically on time and on budget.

Design build training helps professionals from all backgrounds communicate more effectively together, stay fully compliant during the delivery process and work in tandem to complete a project to clients’ demands. Online design build training courses can also be a flexible way to train with no travel needed.

Working with Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services understands design build training needs to accomplish a lot. Professionals need to work well as part of a team, even when cooperating with experts outside of their area of expertise.

Build design training needs to help professionals understand how to work for a client's best interests while completing a project on time and on budget to client specifications. Design build training requires factual knowledge of technical and legal requirements, compliance issues and more. It should also offer practical advice and best practices for handling the many unexpected events which occur during a project.

Lorman Education Services offers multiple training solutions so you can get the education you need. Whether you learn best through audio materials, written text or interactive training, Lorman Education Services has the learning formats you’re searching for. Sign up for a full year of access or buy an individual training module to get started.

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