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Customer Service Continuing Education Courses

Improve your customer service skills with continuing education live seminars, OnDemand and online training programs.

In many industries, customer service skills are what make the difference between a successful business and one with merely a great product or service. No matter how innovative your organization is, if your customers leave with a negative impression, they’re unlikely to return.

If your team is in need of remedial customer service skills training, Lorman Education Services can help. We offer a wide range of online training programs that work around your schedule. Help your team get the skills they need to succeed — browse our full catalogue of training options by following the links on this page.

Customer Service Skills Training Resources

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The Art and Science of Great Customer Service

Creating great experiences for your customers involves more than just smiling on cue — it’s something that demands excellent time management, superior problem-solving skills and a nuanced understanding of psychology, among other things.

Lorman Education Services’ customer service training programs take a skills-based approach to this complex topic. Our programming covers specific topics other training overlooks. Training programs such as “Providing Exceptional Customer Service for a Diverse Clientele” and “Applying a New Set of Metrics to Deliver Best Service for Customers” are developed and led by management consultants and other experts from some of the country’s most prominent firms. With our training, your staff will be better positioned to both understand what clients want, and know how to deliver it for them.

Training That Works for Your Team

At Lorman Education Services, we believe customer service skills training should work around your schedule. Most businesses can’t afford to send key staff off to attend in-person classes. Our programming is delivered entirely online through both live programs and OnDemand content. Other than a computer or mobile device, no special technology is required to participate in our live training programs. Dozens of courses are hosted each month, many of which address important customer service topics.

We also have an extensive archive of previously recorded programs and self-study courses, such as audiobooks, slideshow presentations, white papers and more, that can be downloaded or streamed at your convenience. If you can’t take time away from your day to attend a program, our OnDemand archive is the next best thing to learning live. Browse our catalog of over 11,600 available resources using the links on this page.

Driving Success With Great Customer Service

No matter what industry you’re in, or where you are in your career, you can benefit from our online customer service training. Our courses are ideal for anyone who deals with the public, as well as managers and team leaders looking to work more effectively with their staff.

Ready to get started? We offer several convenient pricing plans. Individual customer service skills training courses start at just $99 each. You can also purchase an annual All-Access Pass and get unlimited training opportunities for $699, or an enterprise license to train your entire staff. For more information, keep browsing our website or get in touch with one of our customer response team members directly.

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