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Corporate wellness training is essential if you want to build a health-focused culture at your workplace. Managers and corporate leaders need good training to learn how to motivate staff to take part in wellness programs and have to set a good example. Training also allows you to provide tools your employees and staff need to communicate wellness messages and to provide everyone with the resources they require to implement the best wellness techniques.

Good training will empower key team members in embracing wellness programs and will provide leaders with the resources they need to implement the success of a corporate program.

Online corporate wellness training from Lorman Education Services helps your team get the training they need to ensure a well-executed and well-focused health program. Training from Lorman Education Services teaches key players in your organization how to create and manage a successful program that addresses the vulnerabilities, health risks and specific needs of your organization or employees.

A strong wellness program is tailor-made for your specific team and your industry. Lorman Education Services can show you how to build and manage such a program.

Why Wellness Training?

A strong wellness program at an organization can help employees be healthier, which can mean lower employee absenteeism, less employee turnover and improved company productivity. A good wellness program also shows workers you care about their well-being and can help you attract and retain quality talent at your organization. A strong program can improve your bottom line by reducing insurance costs, health care bills, expenses associated with absenteeism and claims and by reducing time away from work. A strong wellness program can even increase morale.

The challenge is that these benefits will only occur if you have a strong and successful program. Running a strong wellness program at your organization isn't as simple as offering some information about smoking cessation or opening a gym. Strong corporate healthcare programs often have plenty of support, a strongly communicated wellness message, multiple resources, incentive programs and more.

Learning how to implement all of this within the legal bounds of your state while meeting state and tax regulations requires strong training to position you for success.

Train With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services offers a range of training options for managers and professionals hoping to create wellness programs at their organization. You can learn about the legal considerations, financing issues, best practices and more.

Best of all, Lorman Education Services offers a number of formats for you to learn effectively. Learn through audio books or MP3s during your commute or use your mobile device to read articles, case studies and access on-demand training at your office or home.

With Lorman Education Services, you're always in the driver’s seat and can choose how much or how little you train and when you can train. Study at your own pace and focus on whichever subject matter areas are most relevant to you right now.

Lorman Education Services has convenient options for you to choose from. Choose a full-year pass to get access to all our resources for one year at a budget-friendly price. Or, buy individual programs or contact Lorman Education Services to learn more about in-house training and custom solutions. Get started today building a healthier and fitter workplace for tomorrow.

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