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Lorman Education Service is a leading corporate training company since 1987

Since 1987 Lorman Education Service has been a leading provider of continuing education and professional training. As a corporate training company our goal is to provide businesses and the professionals that serve them with the best industry knowledge they are seeking. Our course catalog is built on innovation, regulation changes and case law updates.

Innovative Corporate Training Company

Many corporate training companies want to just provide content with hopes that someone will eventually use the information presented. That's now how we operate. We build courses based on feedback from attendees, customers and members. Our courses are produced because the industry calls for them and the knowledge is timely and relevant. While many companies will build content that can get old, our content is simply not that. Our content is updated monthly, quarterly or annually to keep the content innovative and fresh.

You can choose from many different formats for learning. Our online platform gives you the convenience of learning without having to leave your home or office and still get the high quality topics we offer. With a multi-platform capability, you can learn from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop and still receive the same great presentation. You can also choose between live or ondemand which gives you the opportunity to choose a live format where you can ask the presenter live questions to help shape the presentation or take the course ondemand which is on your time and at the convenient location of your choice.

High Level and Knowledgeable Faculty

Our faculty selection process is built around expertise, experience and presentation skills. As a faculty member of Lorman, you must pass a rigorous selection process in order to present on the topics and content we are looking to have presented. This process helps maintain our quality factor that we look to achieve with each and every course.

All-Access Pass Unlimited Subscription

Choose from a variety of courses to take or choose our All-Access Pass subscription. Our pass gives you unlimited access to our entire catalog for one low annual fee. This fee gives you access to not only to courses but also gives you access to our credit tracker, account tracking interface as well as a personal account manager who will take care of you during your subscription.

Unlimited Training With the All-Access Pass

All of your training, right here at Lorman.

Pay once and get a full year of unlimited training in any format, any time!

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