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Construction project managers are an essential part of development because they help with the overall coordination, planning and control of a construction project. These professionals ensure a project runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to completion, and quality Construction Project Management (CPM) training helps these professionals get the job done.

Construction Project Management (CPM) training from Lorman Education Services teaches professionals about the practical real-world applications of series and project management principles. Lorman Education Services has been providing training to more than 1.4 million professionals in the construction field and other industries over the past 30 years. More professionals choose us because of our range of training solutions, our dedication to hire only the brightest minds to develop our resources and our commitment to the best quality training possible. We also believe customer service is important. Our customer service professionals are available during business hours to help you sign up for our training solutions or to answer any questions. Sign up for a membership today or contact our customer service professionals to discuss custom and in-house training options available through Lorman Education Services.

Is Construction Project Manager Training?

Training prepares professionals for the rigors of construction project management, which is a competitive field and also requires skills in a variety of areas. Trainees can learn how to resolve problems, make effective decisions and how to gain the technical proficiency needed in the field. As operating systems and technology changes, ongoing training is necessary to keep project managers up-to-date and effective at their jobs. Since construction is also a highly regulated field where laws and regulations change often, ongoing training ensures professionals have the understanding of current laws they need to perform effectively.

Some construction managers seek certification from the Construction Management Association of America or the American Institute of Constructors and both organizations require ongoing professional development. Online construction project manager training can help you hone your skills, enjoy new opportunities and meet professional development plans of these and other professional organizations while also enjoying online studying.

Construction project manager training is available in classroom settings, but many professionals choose online training. It offers several advantages. Professionals can train on their own time and at their own pace, for example, and do not need to travel for professional development. Online training can also be cost-effective and allows managers to develop their skills, no matter where they are and no matter how hectic their schedule.

Why Construction Project Managers Choose Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services also knows educational and training quality depends on teachers. It's why Lorman Education Services is extremely selective when choosing the professionals who will be developing Lorman Education Services training solutions. We work to hire and work with the best professionals in construction management and other fields to ensure you get the legal, business, construction and other specific training you need to succeed in construction management.

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