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When creating an efficient and financially feasible construction project, Construction Project Management (CPM) is an essential part of the task. Construction project managers help with the overall planning and control of the project, smoothing over any issues and ensuring the project is completed to satisfaction. Managers must have excellent understanding of time management, financials, public safety, quality issues, technical knowledge, human resources and other issues.

They need to make efficient decisions, work with multiple stakeholders and handle unforeseeable conditions. Quality training can help professionals gain the skills to handle all of these and more, allowing them to enjoy professional development as well as new opportunities in their career. Often, managers choose online training because it offers the most time-effective and cost-effective option for honing skills.

If you are interested in getting construction project management training online, sign up for an All-Access Pass with Lorman Education Services. You'll enjoy unlimited access for one full year to the 12,400 resources and training materials available through the Lorman Education Services library. You can learn what you want, when you want for one full year with no limits.

As we add to the growing library of manuals, MP3s, articles, on-demand webinars and other training materials, you'll be able to assess them as they become available. If an All-Access Pass would not work for you or your team, we also offer in-house training and customized solutions.

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Getting the Training You Need Online

Whether you’d like to enjoy more professional opportunities, professional development or want to meet the professional development requirements for certification in the Construction Management Association of America or the American Institute of Constructors, construction management training can help. Training gives you confidence in your field and lets you master the knowledge you need to embrace career opportunities fully. Online training lets you enjoy all these advantages without requiring travel or disruption of your schedule.

If you are looking for online construction project management training developed for professionals by professionals, sign up for an All-Access Pass from Lorman Education Services.

Lorman Education Services has offered training to more than 1.4 million professionals over 30 years, helping them gain the resources they need to enhance their professional knowledge and advance their careers. Professionals appreciate our up-to-the-minute approach, which ensures we add resources to reflect current bylaws, regulations and industry changes. The construction management industry is always evolving, and our training evolves with it.

Lorman Education Services allows you to get professional, continuing education about all the subjects related to construction project management. Learn about compliance, bylaws, legal issues, regulatory changes, business topics and more. With a wide range of topics to choose from and new topics added all the time, you always get up-to-the-minute training from Lorman Education Services, so you can start putting your training to use immediately.

Lorman Education Services also understands that training doesn't always happen on business hours. Lorman Education Services training is specifically designed to help you study on your own time and at your own pace. Our webinars, on-demand training, MP3s, text, audio books, e-books and other materials are specifically designed to let you study with maximum flexibility, from any internet-ready device convenient for you.

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