Construction Manager Training

Live webinars, online courses, and on-demand training for construction managers.

Construction managers need technical skills, operational ability, financial skills and logistical talent as well as decision-making acumen. In addition to on-the-job experience, construction manager training helps managers hone the variety of skills they need for their careers.

Lorman Education Services offers flexible and powerful construction manager training for you. Whether you're just getting started in your career or want to advance to the next level, Lorman Education Services has the materials you need. Lorman Education Services is constantly updating new training to ensure you have access to the latest information about current construction laws, health and safety practices and more.

Since you are busy with your career, Lorman Education Services makes it easy to study by providing materials in a variety of formats and by creating self-guided and self-paced training which can be completed at your leisure. Even if you have only limited time, Lorman Education Services makes it simple to commit to training with flexible and relevant resources you can use.

Online Training for Construction Managers

Construction managers often face busy days and need to travel to different sites frequently. This can make scheduling traditional in-classroom courses difficult. Lorman Education Services has a solution: online training. Online training offers additional flexibility for busy professionals. With online options, you can study at your own pace and on your own time from any mobile device or computer.

Online training also tends to be more up-to-date than traditionally printed materials. Lorman Education Services, for example, is always seeking to work with the best industry minds and works to update its training materials often, ensuring you always get the most relevant material for you. As construction laws and best practices change, you can be sure Lorman Education Services will keep you up to date so you can be fully compliant and be the true professional you are.

Training for construction managers includes a variety of subjects, including:

Lorman Education Services offers training about these and related subjects. With Lorman Education Services, you get what you need to advance your career and succeed in your current position.

Why Get Training?

Some construction managers can choose to seek Certified Construction Manager (CCM) designation. They may need to study for the exam and take continuing education training to demonstrate the professional development requirements needed for recertification every three years.

Even those managers not interested in certification need to develop their skills to remain current in this competitive workplace. Laws and compliance regulations in the construction industry change often, and developing abilities ensures managers have the option of advancing in their careers.

Training From Lorman Education Services

More than 1.4 million professionals and construction managers have already trusted Lorman Education Services for their training needs. In addition to online training, Lorman Education Services offers on-site training and personalized solutions, so you always get the exact training you need in the format that works best for you.

Whether you learn best with text-based materials, audio materials, interactive materials or other solutions, Lorman Education Services has the flexible approach and variety of materials you need to succeed. With thousands of training materials available to you with a membership, sign up for an All-Access pass or other membership with Lorman Education Services today to start taking advantage of our training programs.

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