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In the competitive construction industry, every detail counts. Organizations that are effective at putting together bids and overseeing projects will be better positioned to thrive. That's why construction contract administration is so necessary. Professionals who complete ongoing training in this field gain a valuable skill that will help them work more efficiently, deliver improved results for their employers and get a critical advantage when it's time to move to the next step in their career.

Lorman Education Services offers construction contract administration courses that work around your schedule. Our training programs are convenient, accessible and developed by some of the best-qualified distance learning instructors working today. Keep reading to learn more or sign up for a course and start training today.

Why Is Training Important?

Contract administration is a complex field — particularly in the construction industry, where multiple stakeholders and subcontractors, as well as potentially millions of dollars, may be involved in a job. Our construction contract training administration courses can:

On a professional level, individuals who complete our training will gain skills that can help them advance their careers. Visit individual course pages to explore the various issues our programming addresses.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone interested in the topic can take our construction contract administration courses. This may include lawyers and paralegals who work with clients in the construction industry as well as project managers, owners, administrative staff and more.

Our courses include a mix of region-specific and more general content. Browse our inventory to find training relevant to your state, as well as topics such as:

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Lorman Education Services hosts dozens of live training seminars every month. We also have an OnDemand archive of more than 12,000 previously recorded slideshows, audiobooks, white papers and other self-study content. Join our webinars using any computer or mobile device or download archived content for later study. Whichever way you prefer to learn, we have options that work around your busy schedule.

Online construction contract administration training at Lorman Education Services is affordable, too. Individual courses start at just $99. For the best value, however, our 12-month All-Access Pass provides you with unlimited training opportunities. Purchase yours today and see for yourself why we’ve been a leader in distance learning since 1987.

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