Online Construction Bookkeeping Courses

We offer continuing education live webinars, seminars, OnDemand and other bookkeeping training for construction industry professionals.

Staying competitive in the construction industry requires skills, connections and a deep commitment to delivering quality work. Even with all that, however, a business can’t succeed unless the numbers add up. Accurate construction bookkeeping involves a highly specific set of skills that must be developed and nurtured through ongoing training.

Lorman Education Services is a leading national provider of online bookkeeping training for construction industry professionals. Our courses are designed to benefit accountants, project managers, estimators and a range of other employees. Keep reading to learn more.

Bookkeeping Courses for Construction Professionals

Our construction bookkeeping training courses are developed by subject matter experts, many of whom have experience working with top national accounting firms. With our programming, busy professionals gain tools that will help them:

And more. We offer courses that look at bookkeeping issues from a national perspective — such as “Construction Contract Accounting: A Three-Dimensional Look at the Numbers” and “Practical Considerations and Concerns in Construction Contract Law” — as well as state-specific programming like “The Michigan Construction Lien Act: Fundamentals and Special Topics” and “Fundamentals of California Construction Contracts.”

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Live and OnDemand Training Options

To better meet the needs of a diverse cross-section of busy professionals, we offer two main types of online construction bookkeeping training courses:

For more information about your training options, please get in touch with our customer response team directly by phone, email or online chat.

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Lorman Education Services’ online construction bookkeeping training courses are an exceptional value for professionals at any stage of their career. Whether you’re newly on the job market and looking to upgrade your skills or you’re an experienced professional looking to stay on top of the latest developments in your field, we can help.

Training programs start at just $99/course. We also offer an All-Access Pass that delivers 12 months of unlimited training for a one-time fee of $699. Purchase yours and start upgrading your skills today.

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