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With complex regulation such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and a wide range of other legal, ethical and cultural issues, the field of collections is more complex than ever before. As a result, collections professionals are obligated to keep their training current. Often, the biggest challenge is not a lack of interest — it’s time. Few organizations offer in-person collections skills training, which means travel and time away from your other professional responsibilities is often a necessity.

Lorman Education Services offers favorable other options. We are one of the country's premier distance learning specialists. Since 1987, we have been offering a diverse catalogue of training options for professionals in all fields. With more than 11,800 courses available, we have an extensive selection of collection skills training programs that offer both accessibility and convenience, as well as genuine value for all participants.

Why Pursue Further Collections Skills Training?

Lorman Education Services’ collections skills training courses can:

Whatever your reason for pursuing further collections skills training, Lorman makes it easy to acquire the education you need on your own terms. Read on to learn more about your training options.

Training at Lorman Education Services

Whether you currently work in collections or are actively searching for a job, we know your time is precious. We offer a number of convenient ways to complete collection skills training online. Our programming includes:

Some courses of interest to collections professionals include “How to Create and Execute a Collection Policy,” “Collection Ethics” and “Collection Law: The Good, the Bad and the Profitable.” While many of our courses are broad in scope and address relevant issues from a nationwide perspective, we also offer training that is region-specific.

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Training with Lorman is convenient and affordable when you purchase an All-Access Pass. With an All-Access Pass, you get both priority registration in all live webinars, as well as full access to our OnDemand course content. Pass holders also receive a state-specific tracker for managing their progress toward continuing education requirements, as well as our monthly newsletter and a number of other perks. Purchase yours for an annual fee of $699 and start your online collections skills training today!

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