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The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is an option for families and employees to continue group health benefits for a specific period of time after they have lost their health benefits. To qualify, employees must have lost their job due to involuntary job loss, voluntary job loss, work transition, a life event such as divorce or death or a reduction in the hours worked. Those who qualify to extend their health benefits under COBRA may need to pay the full premium for insurance up to 102% of the cost.

If you are an HR manager or business owner, you need to be aware of COBRA regulations, since noncompliance with rules regarding healthcare or COBRA program requirements can result in serious penalties, fines and even legal action. COBRA rules are constantly changing, making it necessary for managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs and others to get COBRA training classes for themselves and their teams.

Lorman Education Services offers a range of training resources and options for COBRA compliance. Whether you are just learning about the COBRA program for a new job or are a seasoned HR professional with a good grounding in the subject but in need of a refresher, we offer both intensive COBRA training as well as subject-specific training to help you hone in on specific COBRA subject areas.

What Do Online COBRA Training Classes Offer?

COBRA training can include learning about the details that may help you administer this program to your employees. You may learn:

  • Which individuals are covered by COBRA
  • Which employers and plans need to be COBRA compliant
  • COBRA timelines and premiums
  • Explaining COBRA to your employees
  • Potential issues with premium payments
  • When and how to terminate COBRA coverage
  • Changing rules of acquirements
  • Safeguards your organization can institute
  • Where COBRA and Medicare overlap
  • How to stay COBRA compliant during mergers, acquisitions and other significant companywide events
  • How COBRA works with the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Rules regarding alternative coverage
  • Dependency status and COBRA protections
  • Design options to reduce your claims and health care costs
  • COBRA and Health Flexible Spending Accounts as well as other unique health solutions

Online Training From Lorman Education Services

Whether you are an individual looking to expand your career options or an organization that needs to train an entire team, Lorman Education Services has the training you need. Sign up for an individual yearly membership plan to get access to all our resource materials for one full year at one budget-friendly price.

As an organization, you can also apply for training memberships for your entire team or even contact Lorman Education Services for on-site training or custom training solutions. We work with you to develop the COBRA training you need. Sign up for our training today or contact us so we can customize your training experience.

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