COBRA Compliance Training

Online COBRA compliance training may give you a competitive edge in your HR or professional career.

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) rules typically require that group health benefit plans involving 20 or more employees in the past year that are sponsored by employers offer temporary continuation coverage in specific circumstances where coverage might end.

COBRA permits employees and their families to continue healthcare coverage while they adjust to changes due to divorce, job loss, reduction in hours and other situations that can cause them to lose their health benefits. Proper online COBRA compliance training allows you to understand who qualifies for COBRA, how to offer extended coverage, how to stay compliant with current rules and how to provide notice to employees. COBRA also requires quite a bit of paperwork, and training ensures you get the paperwork right every time.

Lorman Education Services offers COBRA compliance training to business owners, HR professionals, managers and more. Top-of-the-line training with experienced instructors allows you to understand the basics of COBRA regulations, and our training materials are available for you around the clock — so you can always go back to them to learn more.

Instead of having to maintain your own training staff and reference library, you can access our educational resources on any mobile device or computer with Internet capability. You'll learn what every HR professional needs to know to meet COBRA rules. Sign up for a Lorman Education Services membership today or take advantage of one of our COBRA training offerings to start learning about this essential program.

Protect Your Company and Career With COBRA Compliance Training

Don't take any risks with your organization’s legal protections and interests. Failure to comply with COBRA rules can result in significant penalties and fines against your business. It can harm your company's reputation and can cause a significant conflict between you and your former employees. Failure to comply with COBRA regulations can also hurt your professional reputation and even career prospects.

You can avoid some of these risks substantially by getting the COBRA skills and training you need to correctly understand and navigate current COBRA requirements, so you can comply with them fully. Contact Lorman Education Services to set up personalized or on-site training or sign up for our online training resources today.

Training with us means you gain the practical COBRA knowledge you may need for your career. You will become a stronger asset to your company and may even be able to enjoy new career opportunities with your competitive advantage.

Why Lorman Education Services?

For more than 30 years, Lorman Education Services has been helping business professionals learn about COBRA compliance and other business and industry related topics. More than 1.4 million professionals have already turned to us for their continuing education needs. Our flexible online solution ensures you can train and study on your own time and at your own pace, even if the only training time you have is outside of business hours.

Sign up for a Lorman Education Services membership today or buy one of our course offerings to start learning about current COBRA rules.

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