COBRA Compliance Seminars

Online COBRA compliance seminars may help you avoid penalties while you protect your employees

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows qualifying employees to extend their group health benefits, even after they leave a job or find themselves in situations where they would not normally qualify for group coverage. If you have a company, you need to ensure you stay COBRA compliant to avoid investigations, fines, penalties and legal action. COBRA compliance seminars and training can help.

If you want to add value to what you can offer your company and your employees, COBRA training can help you understand how you can protect one of your employees’ most valuable assets: health insurance. Through COBRA compliance training, you can learn how to properly administer benefits under this program so employees who are no longer qualified for group healthcare have temporary coverage.

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COBRA compliance is essential for HR professionals, business owners, managers and other business professionals. COBRA compliance ensures you fully support your employees by ensuring they can get health coverage temporarily if they no longer qualify for coverage with you.

In addition, following COBRA rules ensures you do not run afoul of regulations and guidelines that inflict significant penalties and fines on employers who do not comply. Unfortunately, understanding when employees are eligible for COBRA and understanding how to administer the program under current guidelines can be complex. This is where COBRA training can be invaluable.

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Our training is designed to help you understand COBRA rules and regulations thoroughly. Our resources include examples, best practices, tips, realistic scenarios and everything else you need to thoroughly learn about COBRA rules and regulations. We offer white papers, articles, MP3s, audio books and interactive training so you can train in the format that is best for you.

In short, we’ll help you avoid most common mistakes and walk you through current guidelines and regulations so you know how to administer this program at your organization. Our COBRA training can also qualify you for recertification and for continuing education for HR professionals.

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