COBRA Audit Compliance Training

Online COBRA audit compliance training helps you serve your company’s employees more fully.

Being COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) compliant is both complex and important. The COBRA program ensures that employees who leave your employment or no longer qualify for your group health insurance plan still have coverage if they qualify for the program. Being compliant with COBRA rules is essential if you want to avoid penalties and fines. However, the COBRA program involves changing rules and regulations, making compliance challenging, even for the seasoned HR professional.

Proper training can help you understand the right design options and the proper procedures so you can protect your company's reputation. COBRA audit compliance training specifically can prepare you for any audit as well.

Lorman Education Services offers a range of solutions to help you with COBRA compliance training:

You Need COBRA Audit Training

Whether you are an HR professional, manager, supervisor, business owner or other business professional, if you have employees you need to be aware of COBRA guidelines and best practices. You also need to be prepared for an audit, since it can occur at any time. Understanding COBRA compliance and audit issues can help make you a more attractive candidate for career opportunities and can help you protect your employees more fully. It can allow you to build your career if you are just starting out, or it can help you expand the benefits you can offer your company if you are a seasoned professional.

Lorman Education Services lets you train online at your own pace. Our range of formats and training solutions means whether you have hours or just twenty minutes you can put the time you do have to work on training. Whether it's a reading a short article that helps you understand COBRA audits or whether it is taking an intensive on-demand training program, you can study as little or as much as you need to really understand how to become fully compliant with COBRA regulations.

We understand you need accurate and timely information about COBRA audits that you can apply immediately to your organization. It's why our training materials are designed by some of the best professionals in the HR, legal and business fields. You'll learn what you need to know to administer your COBRA program and prepare for an audit. Sign up for a membership or buy one of our individual audit training solutions today to learn how to protect your company.

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