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Nursing aides provide an essential service in doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and other healthcare environments. Nursing aides - or nursing assistants, as they are sometimes called - help patients with everyday tasks such as bathing, feeding and other essential care. When someone is seriously injured or recovering, nursing aides are often there for them when they need someone to help them with basic tasks.

In addition, nursing aides and registered nurse aides may help doctors provide treatment, assist with patient documentation and charts and support healthcare providers in other ways. To offer all these important services, nursing aides require extensive training and ongoing certified nursing assistant training to maintain state certification and seek the best career opportunities.

Lorman Education Services has already provided training for more than 1.4 million professionals, including healthcare professionals. Our certified nursing assistant training online is highly targeted because we work only with health care professionals and other experienced specialists in the field when developing our training materials to ensure you learn from the very best.

We’re also always updating our courses and resources, ensuring you get the most relevant and updated information. When new technologies or new treatments are released, we update our training materials to reflect this and to ensure you have the skills you need to excel at your job.

Helping Others Through Nursing

Many nursing aides enter the profession because they want to make an impact and want to help others. Lorman Education Services helps you help patients by ensuring you have the skills needed. Our training can help you learn about:

No matter what kind of environment you're working in and regardless of your career goals, Lorman Education Services offers a range of training opportunities to help you maximize your impact and treat as many patients as possible. We ensure you can show employers how qualified you are, and we can help you gain confidence in your work and your skills.

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Lorman Education Services understands nurses aides work long hours, which is why you need a highly flexible system of training. Our training is online, allowing you to study when and where you have free time. Anytime you have a computer or device with an Internet connection, you can study with Lorman Education Services. There's no need to travel or commute to learn.

Plus, since our training is online, you can choose between archived training and live, interactive training. In fact, we offer a variety of formats, so you can study in a way that works best for you. Choose between articles, case studies, white papers, audio books, visual materials and more. Whether you're a visual learner or want to study on the go with audio resources, we can help.

At Lorman Education Services, we allow you to purchase either individual training resources or our budget-friendly All Access Pass, which allows you a full year of access to our entire resource library for one flat fee. If you require on-site or personalized training, you can contact us at any time for more information.

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