Cafeteria Plan Training for HR

Convenient Online Cafeteria Plan Training for HR and Other Professionals

Cafeteria Plan 125 allows employers to offer employees benefits plans, including coverage for healthcare, flexible spending accounts (FSA), dental benefits, accident and disability insurance, and more. Designed and administered correctly, these plans can help companies attract employees and keep company morale high.

For HR professionals and executives, however, administering and setting up these plans can be complex. There are many options and designs possible with these plans. In addition, taxation and federal rule compliance is an ongoing concern for HR professionals and organizations. Ongoing training for HR professionals and executives is important to ensure a section 125 plan is strong and meets all required regulations.

Lorman Education Services can help you find the training you need quickly and easily. The thousands of training solutions we currently have are always being updated, and we have custom training solutions for you and your organization if you need them. Whether you need a primer on the basics of section 125 or you just need to brush up on the changes to section 125, Lorman Education Services has you covered.

With training available in MP3 formats, audio books, articles, manuals, case studies, OnDemand training and other formats, Lorman Education Services makes it easy to train the way you study best. Sign up for a membership today, or contact Lorman Education Services to learn more about our custom and in-company training.

Cafeteria Plan Training for HR Professionals

Understanding how to administer a section 125 plan is an important skill set in any HR professional’s repertoire. If you are an HR professional, understanding Cafeteria Plans ensures you can support employees when they have reimbursement requests, questions or other issues to address.

Ongoing training also ensures you can adhere to the latest regulations and best practices. As section 125 plans become more complex with tax rules, withholding regulations, changing limits and ever-changing government guidelines, training has become more essential to ensure you can stay on target.

Training can help you become a stronger HR professional. It can also help open new career opportunities. As companies set up and expand section 125 plans to attract the best workers, knowing how to administer and design this sort of plan to work with a diverse workforce becomes not only an attractive but also an essential skill component in the HR world.

Online Cafeteria Plan Training for HR Professionals from Lorman Education Services

Whether you are an office, a large national corporation or a professional, you may need continued training in section 125. If so, Lorman Education Services can help. We offer thousands of training materials at one low membership price. Whether you want in-person training for your whole organization or on-the-go training from your mobile device just for you, Lorman Education Services has you covered with always-updated, professionally developed training materials that let you study on your own terms.

More than 1.4 million professionals have already turned to Lorman Education Services for their education needs. Sign up for a Lorman Education Services membership today to find out why some of the top professionals in your industry rely on us for their training needs.

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