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Successful business analysts know that staying on top of their field requires constant training. Trends in the global marketplace, changing regulations and new technologies all affect the way businesses work. Your familiarity with these issues and your ability to provide appropriate context for them all impact the caliber of advice you provide for your clients.

Finding time for training is one of the biggest challenges business analysts face, whether they work for a large corporation or run a consulting shop of their own. Lorman Education Services offers all its world-class programming over the internet. Through our live webinars and OnDemand courses, you’ll get the training you need to succeed, without taking time away from your principal responsibilities.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Training and continuing education are only worth the investment if they deliver useful skills you can take back to your job with you. At Lorman Education Services, our faculty plays a key role in ensuring we deliver high-caliber programming for all participants. We carefully choose our instructors for their combination of expertise and experience. Many come to us from top national consulting and management firms or have previously worked with high-profile clients in the worlds of finance and business.

Our training is designed to reflect the latest changes to business law nationwide, as well as other relevant factors. Where other training providers only skim the surface, we go deeper, providing you with tools based on the real-world experience of our instructors. Some of the great courses you’ll find in our archive include:

Most of our training is general in scope. However, some programming, such as “Doing Business in Mexico: What You Need to Know,” deals with specific situations or regions, while other courses, such as “Business Development for Architects, Engineers and Contractors,” look closely at one industry. Use the links on this page to search our catalog and explore topics covering all aspects of business and financial analysis.

Explore Live and OnDemand Training Options

Lorman Education Services’ business analyst training courses include live webinars and self-study programming. Live webinars connect you directly with our faculty and are the closest thing to classroom training you can get without leaving the office. We host dozens of events every month — check out our calendar or sign up for our mailing list for updates.

In addition to live training, we also host one of the largest catalogs of self-study training programs in the world. Browse more than 12,000 slideshow presentations, previously recorded webinars, white papers and other content that can be downloaded or streamed at any time.

For unlimited live and OnDemand business analyst training courses, consider purchasing a 12-month All-Access Pass for just $699. For more information, get in touch with a member of our customer response team today.

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