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Keeping up with the latest changes to your local building code is an important priority for any inspector. To help you keep your professional education current, Lorman Education Services offers online training for building inspectors. Our programming helps you manage risk and, in many cases, can be put toward any ongoing continuing education requirements you have.

With Lorman Education Services, a small investment of time and money is all it takes to stay current on the most recent changes to your state building code and other factors that affect the way you work. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Training Matters

The International Building Code — the basis for almost all state codes — is reviewed and amended every three years. It’s for this reason that many government agencies and legislative bodies require building inspectors to complete a given number of continuing education credits every review period.

If you’ve fallen behind in your continuing education requirements, or if your training predates the most recent IBC revision, you may be exposing yourself and your clients to considerable risk. Professionals who take our courses leave with a more current and nuanced understanding of their regulatory requirements.

Explore Our Live Training Options

We understand how difficult it can be for building inspectors to complete training, even when it’s beneficial to their career. Between traveling to jobsites, meeting with clients and filling out reports, there’s not a lot of time to attend in-person seminars and lectures.

As a pioneer in distance learning, Lorman Education Services is proud to offer building inspectors a more convenient option. Our live training programs can be attended remotely from anywhere in the country. All you need is an internet-connected computer or mobile device. Live building inspector training lets you interact directly with our experienced faculty, giving you all the benefits of a classroom experience without having to travel.

We host dozens of programs every month, all of which reflect the latest changes to the International Building Code and its state-level counterparts.

Browse Our OnDemand Archive for Self-Study Building Inspector Training

If you can’t attend a live program, our OnDemand archive is the next best way to keep your building inspector training up-to-date. OnDemand programming includes archived programs, slideshow presentations, MP3 audiobooks and other training that lets you learn at your own pace. More than 12,000 courses are available for download or streaming.

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