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As a building inspector, your understanding of the code is critical to your ability to do your job right. The International Building Code (IBC) — the basis of most municipal and state-level regulations — is updated every three years. For this reason, it’s important to keep your training up-to-date at all times. What's more, the code is a complex and comprehensive document — even if you’re current on your training, there’s always room to learn more.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing continuing education, Lorman Education Services’ building code inspector training is an efficient and convenient way to learn online. Explore your training options on this page, or contact our customer response team directly to find out more.

Attend Courses Remotely or Learn at Your Own Pace

As a leader in distance education since 1987, Lorman Education Services offers professionals two easy ways to complete building code inspector training online:

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Online Building Code Inspector Training Courses

Lorman Education Services hosts dozens of live training programs every month and maintains an archive of more than 12,000 self-study courses. Our building code inspector training programs include:

As you can see, our courses range from specialized topics that look at state-specific code issues to more general discussions of best practices for inspection and compliance. Our expert faculty, which includes prominent construction lawyers, municipal building inspectors and other professionals, is responsible for developing all our programming. Through partnerships with the leaders in your field, we aim to develop content that is incisive, insightful and that offers value you can take back to the jobsite with you.

Earning Continuing Education Credits

Recognizing the importance of ongoing professional development, many prominent industry organizations require their members to complete a given number of continuing education credits every registration period. American Construction Inspectors’ Association (ACIA)-registered inspectors, for example, must complete 36 credit hours every three years.

Many Lorman Education Services courses meet these and other requirements. Visit individual course pages for details, or contact our customer response team directly.

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Individual registrations start at $99 per course. Alternately, an All-Access Pass gives you 12 months of unlimited training for just $695. Either way, signing up takes only minutes. Our programming has no prerequisites, no textbook requirements and no waiting lists. Discover for yourself why we’re a leading provider of online building code inspector training by signing up for a course today!

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