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30 Accounting & Tax Preparation Courses to Prepare You for Tax Season

30 Accounting & Tax Preparation Courses to Prepare You for Tax Season

Posted on 01/25/21 By Lorman Team

Last year, accounting firms were overwhelmed with various tax law changes – and experts believe this year will offer its own complexities.

So to help you prepare for tax season, we compiled a list of the best accounting and tax preparation courses to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

The 2021 tax season will begin Friday, February 12th with a filing deadline of Thursday, April 15th

Online Accounting and Tax Preparation Courses

The following live and on-demand online accounting and tax preparation courses will help you prepare for tax season:

  1. Form 1099-NEC: Replacing 1099-MISC Box 7

  2. IRS Form 5471: Information Return for U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations

  3. IRS Form 1099 Reporting Update

  4. Filling Out Form 1099 Fundamentals

  5. ASC 606: Requirements and Deadlines for the New Revenue Standard

  6. Manufacturers - Ways to Avoid Large Financial Risks if Audited for Sales and Use Taxes

  7. Rules and Developments in Agriculture Taxation

  8. Marijuana Tax Issues and Reporting Requirements

  9. Basics of Sales and Use Tax

  10. Use Taxes - The Hidden Dangers and Expanding Nexus

  11. Understanding IRS Form 1099-NEC and Form 1099-MISC and Best Practices

  12. Post-Wayfair: Economic Nexus Standards in State Taxation

  13. Withholding of Taxes on Payments to Foreign Persons and Entities

  14. TIN Matching to Reduce Your B-Notices and Eliminate Proposed Penalties

  15. IRS Form 1099-R Reporting Update

  16. Advanced 1031 Exchange Concepts and Opportunity Zones

  17. Advanced Records Retention

  18. Managing Exemptions and Resale Certificates

  19. Sales Taxation of Internet Transactions: What Now After Wayfair?

  20. Drop Shipments: Understanding Sales Tax Treatments of the Seller, Shipper, and Customer

  21. Accounting Method Changes Under the Tax Bill

  22. Lease Accounting: How It Affects Your Business and Preparing for Compliance

  23. Segregation of Duties in Accounting

  24. Vendor Master Files

  25. Impact and Prevention of Tax Identity Theft

  26. Asset Sale vs. Stock Sale: Tax Considerations

  27. Foreign Affiliate Income: State Tax Implications

  28. Multistate Nexus Standards and the Effects of the South Dakota v. Wayfair Decision

  29. Form 1099-C Reporting Requirements

  30. Understanding High Level Financial and Economic Issues and Solutions

How to Prepare for Tax Season 2021

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