Bankruptcy Law Training

Competitive bankruptcy training to help you expand your reach

Bankruptcy training for attorneys allows veteran and new attorneys alike to enter into bankruptcy practice, add bankruptcy as a practice area to their law firms, expand their career opportunities or brush up on existing laws to better serve clients. With more than 1 million people across the United States filing for bankruptcy every year, including bankruptcy law as part of your area of expertise can help your law firm or your career.

Lorman Education Services understands how competitive the legal field is. We make it easy for you to get bankruptcy training for yourself or your law firm online or on demand. Whether you want to complete your CLE training requirements, add bankruptcy to your areas of practice or want to brush up on this area for a specific case, Lorman Education Services has you covered.

Why Bankruptcy Law Training?

Debtors turn to attorneys when they are facing bankruptcy, and if you don't have bankruptcy training you may be sending potential clients to your competition. Online law training for bankruptcy attorneys allows you to add this lucrative practice area to your law firm, allows you to offer general information to your clients and strengthens your abilities as an attorney. It can open up new opportunities for you or herald a new start for your law firm. Bankruptcy law training can even help you meet your state’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements.

Lorman Education Services offers online law training for bankruptcy attorneys because we recognize how busy attorneys are. We know most attorneys don't have the time to travel to long classes for extensive training. Our targeted, online training ensures you focus on those areas of bankruptcy law that are most pertinent for you.

You get to study on your own time and at your own pace, without the interruptions of travel. You don't have to go over material you have already covered or already know. Instead, you can focus on those areas where you need additional support.

Since everyone studies differently, Lorman Education Services also offers training materials in a variety of formats. With us, you can study via on-demand training, online archive training, articles, case papers, whitepapers, MP3s, e-books, audio files and more. You get to choose the format and the pace at which you want to study, ensuring you get a custom learning experience every time.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services is an experienced continuing education program provider trusted by more than 1.4 million busy professionals and attorneys just like you. You can trust Lorman Education Services to deliver the high-caliber training you need to make a difference in your law career. All our training materials are developed by leaders in the field, meaning you learn from the best.

Our training resources are easy to understand and follow, so you don't waste your time. Lorman Education Services has been in the field for more than 28 years, helping professionals meet continuing educational requirements and helping them build bright careers.

Start your bankruptcy practice off right or improve your current bankruptcy practice. Sign up for an All-Access Pass with Lorman Education Services to get a full year of access to Lorman Education Services materials for one affordable price.

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