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Compliance is a keyword at many organizations today. OSHA, FINRA, SEC and other agencies and regulatory bodies have emphasized the importance of enforcement and compliance. Organizations that aren't in compliance, and are in violation of important rules of their industry, face the reality of audits, penalties, investigations and a loss of reputation.

Most companies hire auditing professionals or services to ensure complete compliance. Compliance professionals, in turn, need quality auditing training so they understand the best practices and the newest regulations and laws which affect their sector.

Lorman Education Services offers a range of online auditing compliance training for both individual auditors as well as organizations with compliance teams. We offer access to thousands of training titles for one affordable yearly membership cost. This can be a powerful way for individual auditors to hone their skills and to get the knowledge they need to advance their careers.

We also offer in-person training for entire teams, as well as custom training solutions for organizations.

Getting the Best Auditing Compliance Training

Auditing compliance training should fit with your career goals, organization, schedule and learning style. Lorman Education Services recognizes that compliance auditors are busy professionals and that each individual auditor learns differently. It's why we’ve compiled thousands of audiobooks, on-demand seminars, texts, white papers, case studies, MP3s and other training formats. You get to pick the training that works for you, and you can study as much or as little as you need.

If you're at the start of your career, you can study a wide breadth of topics relevant to your field. If you’re a senior auditor, you can zero in on those training materials which focus on current regulatory changes, or on current best practices, so you can update your skillset.

With Lorman Education Services, you stay in control of how you want to study, where you study and how much you study. All Lorman Education Services training materials are developed by industry leaders and are updated frequently, so you always get access to the most powerful materials which you can use immediately.

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Auditors play an important role in today's business. They help keep organizations from being audited, penalized or investigated. At the same time, auditors’ goals are also increasingly complex. Today, auditors need to be able to use the latest software and need to be able to keep up with increasingly complex and frequently changing regulatory rules and laws. In addition, auditors need to be able to present their findings and to investigate increasingly complex business structures efficiently. Auditor compliance training can help auditors fulfill all these functions while enjoying new career opportunities.

If you'd like auditor training for yourself or your organization, sign up for a one-year membership with Lorman Education Services to see for yourself what one year of intensive training can do for your career. Lorman Education Services also offers in-person and custom solutions if you'd like to train your entire team. Find out for yourself why more than 1.4 million professionals have already chosen Lorman Education Services for their training needs.

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