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Continuing Education for Architects Including Live Online Presentations, On-demand Resources and Bookstore Products

Change is a constant component of the architecture profession. It seems that new building and design concepts are introduced on almost a daily basis. This makes it difficult for many busy architects to stay abreast of the latest developments that have a direct impact on their job function. Lorman Education Services can simplify the ongoing challenge of staying current and compliant by offering a wide variety of convenient architecture continuing education courses.

Continuing Education for Architects Covering Essential Information You Need to Know

Lorman offers architecture continuing education courses on relevant topics in areas such as building science and performance, project management, project types, sustainable design techniques, and construction materials and methods. Leading subject-matter experts — who possess an unparalleled knowledge of their areas of specialization — prepare the courses. Many of our programs can also help you earn the continuing education credits required by professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, as well as the licensing bodies in your state.

Effective, Convenient Online Training That Saves You Time and Hassles

Taking time out of a hectic schedule to travel to off-site architecture continuing education seminars can be an issue for many busy architects. By giving you the opportunity to take architecture continuing education courses online, we can save you time and aggravation.

View virtual online presentations from your office or home computer simply by preregistering for the event and then logging in at the appointed time. You can also access our plethora of informative on-demand resources on a 24/7 basis. These include webinars, video presentations, whitepapers, slide-deck presentations, reports and more.

Serving the Continuing Education Needs of Professionals for More Than 28 Years

Lorman has helped more than 1.4 million professionals in a wide range of industries get the training they need to stay up-to-date and compliant. Our training programs also help our students develop new skills that can lead to exciting and challenging career advancement opportunities.

Please take a few minutes to view our current list of architecture continuing education programs and feel free to contact us for more information about any of our products and services.

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