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In a state as large as Wyoming, even the most dedicated CPAs rarely have the time or money to travel for in-person continuing professional education (CPE) training. However, there are clear reasons why some amount of CPE is required annually by all major professional associations and why CPAs who invest in training are better positioned to grow their careers.

Given the frequency with which tax codes and associated regulations change, CPE is a way of keeping your training current and serving your clients better. No matter where you are in your career, whether you work for yourself, in government or for a private company, you can benefit from making CPE a priority with Lorman Education Services.

Who We Are

Lorman Education Services is a nationwide distance learning provider with more than 30 years of experience. We offer a number of convenient ways for Wyoming CPAs to earn CPE credits online, including dozens of live webinars hosted every month from our secure website. In addition to that, we also maintain an extensive archive of self-study training programs, including previously recorded webinars, slide show presentations, audiobooks, eBooks and more.

Wyoming CPE Requirements

For all actively practicing CPAs, CPE in Wyoming is calculated over a three-year period, during which 120 credit hours must be completed. Of these:

Lorman Education Services is a nasba-group-internet-based-registered provider of Wyoming CPE credits online. We offer many training programs of particular interest to Wyoming CPAs, including “Wyoming Public Contracts and Procurement Regulations,” and “Law of Easements and Eminent Domain: Legal Issues and Practical Considerations in Wyoming.” Still more webinars and other content is based on national taxation and accounting issues. Search our catalog or browse upcoming courses using the links on this page.

Why Make Lorman Education Services Your First Choice for Wyoming CPE?

Lorman Education Services is distinguished by the extent of our catalog and the expertise of our faculty. Unlike other online Wyoming CPE providers, we are highly selective in who we allow to develop and lead courses. This ensures our training programs not only fulfill state CPE requirements, but they also give you practical tools that help you manage risk, save your clients money and grow your career.

To see for yourself the Lorman Education Services difference, register for an upcoming webinar today. Better yet, purchase an All-Access Pass and get a full year of unlimited training for only $699.

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