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In Wisconsin, architects must complete continuing education — at least 24 hours every two years — in order to maintain their license. In addition, 16 of these hours must relate to HSW (health, safety and wellness) subject areas. Courses must be completed by July 31 of even-numbered years, which is the license renewal deadline. If architects complete more than the 24 hours required of them, they can carry over a maximum of eight continuing education hours into their next license renewal period.

In addition, architects in Wisconsin need to hold onto information about their continuing education courses. Each year, architects maybe audited randomly and may need to prove that they have taken the correct coursework and credits for license renewal.

In addition to the above, architects who are part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) need to complete continuing education hours in order to renew their membership. This requires at least 18 hours annually of Wisconsin AIA courses. It is possible to earn these Wisconsin AIA credits online or at in-person classes, but 12 hours of this continuing education requirement must be in HSW topics.

Continuing education of architects in Wisconsin serves several purposes. It ensures architects continue to learn and grow as part of their job, and it ensures architects are up to date about the latest by-laws, zoning regulations and other issues affecting their careers. Many architects also find taking continuing education helps them remain more competitive and allows them to offer more to their clients, ensuring their success.

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